Zoom F4

Step-by-step tutorial

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We will use the following gear: a Zoom F4 and a camera.

To timecode sync this setup, you will need two NanoLockits and these two timecode cables: the LTC-OUT cabel for the Zoom F4 and the TC-IO-35RA according to the camera.

Start the NanoLockits by pressing and holding the power button for three seconds.

The LED will flash green / red, which means the LEMO timecode output is still muted.

Press and hold the green button of one NanoLockit for three seconds until LED double-blinks green: This sets the timecode and frame rate, wirelessly syncs all other NanoLockits and activates all LEMO outputs.
The NanoLockit always starts with its Real Time Clock at last frame rate or at default 25 fps.

If successful, all units will flash green in sync. Which means: they are ready to sync other devices.

But before we can connect the NanoLockit we need to set up the audio recorder for use with an external timecode device and adjust the Frame Rate.

To do so, press Menu, then select „Timecode“ and „FPS“.

Make sure to select the correct frame rate for your upcoming project – and do not change it.

Then select „Mode“ in the Timecode Menu to set it to „EXT“ for „External“.

Now the Zoom F4 is all set up and waiting for the Lockit.

Take the timecode cable and connect it to the „Timecode IN“ port.

Now you can see the correct timecode on the audio recorder’s display.

There you have it – the Zoom F4 is correctly connected to the NanoLockit and in perfect sync with the audio recorder.

Later in post-production, you will now have the ability to auto-conform relating clips to the timeline using any professional tool.

For more information on that subject see our other Ambient tutorials.

Additionally we strongly recommend that you check the synchronisation of your system by performing a test-run before shooting starts to avoid any issues.

NanoLockit – the small, wireless and easy2use timecode generator by Ambient.

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