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NanoLockit Use Cases

If you are shooting a daily or weekly series for YouTube or other broadcasters, then you know the pain – massive amounts of material captured from different camera angles and a tight deadline.

Putting a NanoLockit on each camera while shooting will help you to speed up the post-production workflow and to deliver on schedule to your audience.

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As a documentary film-team, you are probably collecting tons of material over the course of several months before you start editing. Manually matching clips from different cameras along with externally recorded audio can consume several days before you can start being creative.

Not anymore. Putting a NanoLockit on each camera while shooting will help you to speed up the post-production workflow. Get creative earlier.

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All commercial film teams know story: After a shoot, the customer wants the commercial to be edited yesterday – or directly on set. So, you don’t want to waste time manually matching the clips from multiple cameras before starting the actual editing process.

That’s why you put a NanoLockit on each camera while shooting. It will speed up your post-production workflow – which will make your customer happy.

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When editing an interview, lets say you want to constantly jump between the different camera angles for a nice flow – or simply cut out some nonsense.

To do this, you need to match the clips from different cameras and audio recorders in the editing tool. Of course, you can let your interview partner clap his hands and manually match this clips – but this takes time. Put NanoLockits on your cameras and audio recorder instead while shooting and save a lot of time in post-production.

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Once you’ve finished the greatest action scene you’ve ever captured, you definitely want to get creative in post right away. So, you need a tool that lets you match all clips from the different cameras automatically without wasting time.

You need NanoLockits. Put one of them on each camera while shooting and save a lot of time in post-production.

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Producing a series or daily soap can be a great task as with each season you have to exceed the expectations of not only the viewers, but also the producer. Wouldn’t it be great to have more time to work with your content rather than manually aligning your clips?

Try the new NanoLockit and its integrated ACN – that’s how a modern workflow should be!

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Some happy customers

I'm now 4 weeks in to a 12 week drama shooting on two Alexa Minis, been using the Nano's in absolute anger and they have been flawless… It's been a dream. Many thanks for the great products!- Darrel Briggs, Sound Mixer on “War on Drugs”, BBC’s “Jamie Johnson Season 3”
Nothing better than riding NanoLockits on a camera plugged into a USB port. Just turn on the MasterLockit jam to “Time of Day” and all your Nanos just sync. No charging, no touching, no worries. Love your stuff! Thanks guys- Chris Harris, Sound Mixer on Fox's “Star”
I have been using Ambient's Lockit synchronizers for over 20 years now. Rarely has a piece of kit been so readily accepted as Nano. The fact that they are so small and networkable means that we fit a fully charged Nano at the start of the day and we don’t need to touch it again until wrap, knowing from the iPad that the cameras are all in sync. Pretty damm good!- Tim White, Production Sound Mixer